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Death.FM - Bukowski Family - Unpleasantries Abundant
Album Information
Album Unpleasantries Abundant
Artist Bukowski Family
Year 2013
Genre Black/Death Metal

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
Amazon 01 Chair Of Repentance
Bukowski Family
3:51 8
Amazon 02 Carne Humana
Bukowski Family
2:35 7
Amazon 03 Fountain Of Woe
Bukowski Family
5:32 10
Amazon 04 The Perversion Of The Grim Tanner
Bukowski Family
3:33 10
Amazon 05 6Teen
Bukowski Family
4:40 8

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Reviewers Rating

2 reviews done for this album.

Cannibalism: Hope for humnity.
By: Gregor
Date: 6 Jul 2013
The world is overpopulated and famine has condemned millions to starvation. Bukowski Family has offered the world salvation through cannibalism. The sound of The Family is death, vomiting into the vagina of life, the guitars shred flesh and the drums beat the meat to make the treat tender and sweet. The vocals are honky head soup boiling in a cauldron, the terror is traumatic Horror-humor morbidity.
This offering by "The Happy Bunch" is contempt and comedy, killer passion and hope for humanity in the inhumanity of creativity.
The sounds are incredible, inspiring feeling and fear, the concept is flesh and fury unleashed in music.
Everyone will eventually die, everyone may as well listen to Bukowski Family, before the inevitable end of their existence.

1 of 3 found this review helpful

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Finally a band with both the image and the music!
By: MettalHaat
Date: 6 Jul 2013
I have waited for this kind of a band to emerge for so long. A band that takes the image as far as possible and also taking the music to the levels where it is not merely technical show off or nonsense speed shit that has no relevance in my listening experience. I love this stuff! Heavy, catchy, ruthless and simply put insane!

I want a full length! Like, now!

3 of 5 found this review helpful

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