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My Summer Slaughter '16 Review

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USA HumanPaste
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Lieutenant Junior Grade

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:59 am   Post subject: My Summer Slaughter '16 Review Reply with quote

My review of Summer Slaughter '16 (for anyone who cares):

-Enterprise Earth: First off, yes, Dan's vocals did live up to the hype. If I'm not mistaken they were rocking 2 7's and 1 8 string guitar which proved entertaining to witness how that chemistry worked out. They hit hard, but still left me wanting a bit. Ended on a strong note with their newest single. The entire band was mingling with fans at the merch booth after the set except Mr. Watson which rubbed me the wrong way. If you're a newer band you should be out there shaking hands and solidifying your presence. Just my opinion.

-Ingested: Dear lord Satan. These guys were definitely the dark horse of the lineup, went and fucked everything up in the best way possible. As soon as the 1st riff ripped you could tell shit was about to go down. The entire band played extremely tight, the guitarists pinch harmonics were so synced up it was incredible, and their vocalist Jason was simply inhuman with a great energy. They're Britts so I got a kick out of him throwing out a precautious "Fohking 'ell!" before a big slam lol. After the show I spent some time with him and he is one of the most realest bro's bros ever. Really great dude with a passion for his craft. (Sidenote: they're writing new material!)

-Slaughter to Prevail: FUCKING VISA'S

-Krisiun: Personally was my least favorite act going into this show (purely personal preference, great band) but they proved really, really impressive. They're one of those bands that are clearly tempered by decades of front-running death metal across the earth and this is evident in their superior instrumentation live. They had a tech issue half-way through and, instead of taking downtime, their lead guitarist stepped forward and improv'd a 5-10 minute solo so incredibly talented and diversified they instantly earned my respect and went down in my book of top 5 live solo's (so great).

-Revocation: You know I've seen these guys twice and never paid them much mind but after hearing their newest album just released I was really impressed, went into this set with high hopes, and surely was not dissappointed. They put on a great set with hits from several albums. Mr. Davidson's solos naturally didn't dissappoint, you could tell how much passion this dude pours into his craft by how much emphasis he put into every note he wildly abused on that fretboard. My highlight of theirs was Arbiters of the Apocalypse live; lots of power. (Wished they closed with Witch Trials like usual though...)

-Carnifex: Holy fuck. I've seen camp Carnifex once before and, yes, it was a very strong presentation but this time was different. I fully believe this band is in their prime right now and it was a pleasure to behold. Every riff was tightly played, the orchestral accompaniment was entrancing, the dimly lit candles on the pedestals up front were sick, Scott's pseudo corpse paint was awesome, their heavier riffs hit HARD, their collective guitar tone was nice and thick, and most importantly the blackened influence is very, very strong live (really chilling behind their staple heaviness). Scott continues to step up his A-game man, he was so theatrical this time around and put on an emotional show that tied in with the lyrical content. (Also scored their new album a week before release. Win)

-Suffocation: Good set. Definitely a great set. BUT...I miss their old lineup. I was incredibly stoked going into this to see Frank and talk to his crazy manly ass after the show but I was really let down when I realized after kicking off their 1st song that the only 2 remaining members are Terrance and Derek (I hear Frank just doesn't tour with them that much these days). At any rate, I've seen them before and they revamped their sound to hit MUCH harder this time around. Integrated bass drops and a tight, crisp tone that rips into your soul. Old classics in near-standard tuning sounded just as heavy as the more modern detuned acts of today. Terrance's solo's were lightning fast. Derek's playing is wizardly and, yes, still played 2 inches from the ground lol. New drummer in my opinion is holding them back. You could hear a few spots where he threw the band off pretty bad starting the set unfortunately.

-After the Burial: NOT impressed honestly. Saw them once before with full lineup (RIP) and they sounded considerably better. I was slightly shocked to see that they did not do anything to replace Justin's musical position in the band which left the solo's lacking harmony (really bugged me), and no rhythm guitar when they go into a lead. Born of Osiris plays under these circumstances and they sound phenomenal by either using a partial backing track or recording the harmony live and looping it. As a whole they sound very hollow now and a shadow of their former self.

-Nile: These legends were unfortunately plagued by a half hour tech difficulty at this show which cost them a few songs. With the 20 minutes of action we DID get though they totally melted my face off. Still got to play their big songs like Sebek and Black Seeds which was awesome. What caught me most pleasantly by surprise (first time seeing them) was how legitimate of a death metal vocalist all 3 of their guitarists are! All brutal with a unique sound so all 3 together for the really intense bits were overwhelming in the best way. Of course it's easy to be swooned into their mummifying ancient Egyptian atmosphere within the matter of a handful of blast beats.

-Cannibal Corpse: God fucking damn. Just god fucking dammit. SO brutal. I've seen these guys once before but lost all sense of that as soon as they came on stage and was instantly a part of the horde that is a 'Corpse set. Every riff was flawlessly executed, every fucking hit of their bass drum punched your guts harder than any iPad-dropped bass bomb that a lesser band would employ (and that's without triggers too), and they played literally every single one of my favorite songs of theirs from Scourge of Iron to Make Them Suffer to Hammer to Devoured. This go around I had a clear visual of their lead Pat and goddamn can that guy shred. Always been a big fan of his but you do not see hands move across a fretboard like his, he is simply on another level and his soloing is uniquely aggressive. Their live production is masterfully dialed in, you can hear every band member's parts articulately and the guitar tone is vicious. Lastly, of course, if you've ever seen CC live you know about Corpsegrinder's mid-set comedy act. The dude's fucking hilarious, he even referenced his bull neck. \m/

1) Cannibal Corpse
2) Carnifex
3) Ingested

If you're a fan of any of these bands or metal in general...go see this tour. I don't know if we'll ever get the 'Corpse, Nile, and Suffo all on stage together again in the near future. \m/
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