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MY DYING BRIDE LYRICS The Light At The End Of The World (199

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 6:06 am   Post subject: MY DYING BRIDE LYRICS The Light At The End Of The World (199 Reply with quote

The Light At The End Of The World (1999)

1. She Is The Dark
2. Edenbeast
3. The Night He Died
4. The Light At The End Of The World
5. The Fever Sea
6. Into The Lake Of Ghosts
7. The Isis Script
8. Christliar
9. Sear Me III

1. She Is The Dark

A cruel sleep 'cross our land
All withered and dying
As the[y] fall, the victims
They're dying a sad death
In our land, we lay down
And suffer again

A dark girl 'cross our land
Is pacing. Is preying
And with her, a fever
A marching black fever
No eyes see. No features
Just black form, suffering

You have her sympathy
You have her tears
She tries only to take
All your fears
The pain she feels
When she drinks your soul
Is hers to suffer
It is her toll
Believe me, she's helpless
When she curses our [signs "your"?] land
When she swallows light
It's not her hand

Poison awaits when you kiss her
Her heart cries out for you, for me
Untold misery is hers to serve
out for eternity
Out cold. Mankind will stay
forevermore if she gets her way
She can't help it. It's her curse
To sing your pain in her own verse

She is the dark
The nightmares you hide
The pain you feel
The suffering inside
Though she was like you
Through her dark past
But now, the conqueror
Her choirs vast
Oh, please forgive her
As mankind dies
As angels weep
And heaven cries

2. Edenbeast

All are welcome here
To the Eden Feast
Enter if you will
This is Edenbeast

Faces stay hidden
Behind their dark masks
In arms they enter
The Great Hall of Sin
Eden, calls again
For sick minds. For me

Inside there. All laid bare
Take your pick. Devour now

Lust clawing at your feet
Desires for you to greet
Every woman a handsome treat
Young seed for you to reap
Anyone that you desire
Leave your faith at the door
Any pleasures you require
Lay all around, upon the floor
Some call this blasphemy
And try to end it all
They question our sanity
And preach Christliars' call

"Seat yourself young man
Do you see them feed?
As the feast goes on,
Do you feel their greed?"

It's my fear that tears me down
But this night we'll have no tears
I want you. Beautiful gown
Take my hand. We'll have no tears
Kiss me deep. I want you now
In my arms, we'll have no fears

Inside there. All laid bare
Take your pick. Devour now

When you've had your fill
Of poisonous flesh
Leave this place of sin
And watch your back for death

3. The Night He Died

I clasp her dying body to bloody mine
The essential nature of her was so fine
With torn garments she lays in my arms

Womanly graces laid bare
No dignity
Cast aside like nothing at all
Torn was she
Shot down and strewn on wasteland
In her prime
Opened up for the world to see
Oh, the love of mine

No more tears for me now
Lose all fears for me now

Should I seek revenge
or let it lie?
Should I find the one
and let him die?
I wonder what you would do
if it were you

One black, furious midnight
Through howling rain
I descended right upon him
My weeping prey
Kissing him as his life ended
In the rain

Sweet was my revenge
A life for life
I feel no remorse
The night he died
I wonder what you would do
if it was you?

4. The Light At The End Of The World

An isle, a bright shining isle
stands forever, alone in the sea
Of rock and of sand and grass
and shale, the isle bereft of trees.

- Small. A speck in the wide blue
sea. 'Tis the last of all the land.
A dweller upon our lonesome
isle, the last, lonely man? -

By the Gods he is there to
never leave, to remain all his
life. His punishment for
evermore, to attend the
eternal light.

The lighthouse, tall and brilliant
white, which stands at the end
of the world. Protecting ships
and sailors too, from rock they
could be hurled

Yet nothing comes and nothing
goes 'sept the bright blue sea.
Which stretches near and far
away, 't is all our man can see.

Though, one day, up high on
rock, a bird did perch and cry.
An albatross, he shot a glance,
and wondered deeply, why?

Could it be a watcher sent?
A curse sent from the Gods,
who sits and cries and stares at him,
the life that they have robbed.

Each year it comes to watch
over him, the creature from above.
Not a curse but a reminder of
the woman that he loved.

- Oh weary night, under stars,
he'd lay and gaze.
Up towards the moon and stars.
The suns dying haze.

Time and again, Orion's light
filled our man with joy.
Within the belt, he'd see his love,
remembering her voice -

The twinkle from the stars above
bled peace into his heart
As long as she looks down on him
he knows they'll never part

One day good, one day bad
The madness, the heat, the sun,
Out to sea, he spies upon land.
His beloved Albion.

Cliffs of white and trees of green
Children run and play,
'My home land' he cries and weeps,
why so far away?

Eyes sore and red. Filled with tears,
he runs towards the sea.
To risk his life, a worthy cause,
for home he would be.

Into the sea, deep and blue,
the waters wash him clean.
Awake. He screams. Cold with sweat.
And Albion a dream.

- Such is life upon the isle,
of torment and woe.
One day good. One day bad.
And some days, even hope.

The light at the end of the world
burns bright for mile and mile
Yet tends the man, its golden glow,
in misery all the while?

For fifty years he stands and waits,
atop the light, alone.
Looking down upon his isle
the Gods have made his home -

The watcher at the end of the world
through misery does defile.
Remembers back to that single night
and allows a tiny smile.

(His sacrifice was not so great,
he insists upon the world.
Again he would crime,
Again he would pay,
for one moment with the girl)

Her hair, long and black it shone,
The dark, beauty of her eyes,
Olive skin and warm embrace,
her memory never dies.

'Twas years ago, he
remembers clear
the life they once did live.
Endless love and lust for life,
they promised each would give.

Alas, such love and laughter too,
was short as panting breath
For one dark night, her soul
was kissed
by the shade of death.

(Agony, like none before,
was suffered by our man.)
who tends the light now
burning bright
on the very last of land.

(Anger raged and misery too
like nothing ever before.)
He cursed the Gods and man
and life,
and at his heart he tore.

- A deity felt sympathy
and threw our man a light
'Your woman you may see again,
for a single night. -

But think hard and well young man,
there is a price to pay:
to tend the light at the end of
the world
is where you must stay.

Away from man and life and love.
Alone you will be.
On a tiny isle. A bright shining isle
in the middle of the sea.'

- 'I'll tend the light, for one more night
with the woman whom I love',
screamed the man, with tearful eyes,
to the deity above.

And so it was that very night
his lover did return.
To his arms and to their bed,
together they did turn.

In deepest love and lust and passion
entwined they did fall.
Lost within each other's arms
they danced (in lover's ball). -

- Long was the night filled with love.
For them the world was done.
Awoke he did to brightest light,
his woman and life had gone.

To his feet he leapt. To the sea he looked.
To the lighthouse on the stone.
The price is paid and from now on
he lives forever alone.

Fifty years have passed since then
and not a soul has he seen.
but his woman lives with him still
in every single dream.

'Tis sad to hear how young love has died
to know that, alone, someone has cried.
but memories are ours to keep.
To live them again, in our sleep.-

5. The Fever Sea

Over me. Cover me.
Deep inside THE FEVER SEA.

Lame from my mothers womb
Born a cripple and sick. Under a red moon.

My hands bleed. Feet red raw.
I'm a broken man who dreamt the great war.

The fear of life swallows me.
Takes me through THE FEVER SEA.
They crawl to me. Cry for me.
I'll drown them all in THE FEVER SEA.

The feast flows on forever.
Devour me until never.
Fill them all with horror.
Let them sleep with terror.
Who calls me now, then turns away?
Who takes the night, and brings day?

Lame from my fathers hand.
Born to heal. Heal in every land.
I will never get out.
I even prayed unto his house.

The cold feel of my skin.
I try to lose but alwys win.

Lame from my own hand.
Believe me I've tried. Tried to make a stand.

6. Into The Lake Of Ghosts

Enter the Ghost Lake.
The waters whisper
Of something brooding.
No way out of here.

Slow smouldering,
Slow rain[ing] heat.
Lapping at your skin
Pulling you down again.

I wish that I could
Fan back to life
The dying embers
Of my long lost passion.

Descending deeper.
With black as my light.
With twist and turn.
All men will be tried in life.

We look for light to call.
The call to save us all.
Lest we fall to our knees.
The death, we kiss his feet.
Oh, sacred mother come.
For our fate is done.
In blindness do we run
Always backwards.

The care of many
Was lost in my hands.
The sickness came in
Floods of torment and woe.

My withered body.
Aching and bone tired.
My christ who art lord.
Hold me down again.

Knee bent and head held low.
Eyes closed against my foe.
In prayer I sing on low.
Answers to my last call.
Oh, sacred father come.
For it is you who's done.
In blindness do we [signs "you will"] run.
And be sure not to fall.

Oh, christ, what have I done?
Ill fortune now will come.
Fire raining from the sun.
All virtue swept away.
In floods of blackest death.
The ghost will take my breath.
My sins I will forget.
I am nothing again.

Exit the Ghost Lake.
the waters silent.
What now has risen?
No man stands alone.

The world is changing.
'Tis misery who
Leads our way now.
Holding man down.

7. The Isis Script

You know they lied.
To us they lied.
Remember them?
The final words.
All these years.
All these fears.
Remember them?
Ancient words.

We'll take it from you when we like.
You will suffer for nothing in your own home.

Will you help me fight them off?
They are killing me.
Help me with my broken heart.
The endless dark.
Will you keep them far from me?
Oh, the misery.
I need a friend to lay upon.
To be my sun.
Oh, lord help me with my pain.
I'm dead again.

Beliefs have taken me to my end.
Beliefs have taken me down again.
The words I have followed, took me down again.
The lies that I have read over again.
Leaves are falling words from the earth.
Spoken in silence. Never heard.

8. Christliar

Time wears out affections.
I hope to be missed.
Your presence on my wing.
Arise from my sickness.

My hopes, eclipsed by failures.
Dismal moments fall on me.
A terrible sobbing
Echoed through my own house.

The lightening gets frightening.
Oh, cover me.
Memories of her sadden me.
(are killing me)
Believe me. The suffering. The agony.
My young love taken from me,
Too early.

Beware! I will seek you. Find you.
Vengeance is mine. Wherever you hide
You know I will find.
Your face! I see, I won't forget.
I'll be right there.
Preying on you in every dream.
You will never leave me again.
By your red hand.
You left me here to suffer and die.
Eyes black. Cold face.
Your stare burned me.
The sears will be with me,
Until my last day.

My grip on you grows tight.
I will choke you until
I hear your last fucking breath.
Into your eyes I'll smile. I'll cry.
And when you are gone
No-one alive will grief for you.

9. Sear Me III

Come to me
Comfort me
Take my hand

In your arms
In your eyes
I will be
Forever yours
Bring me down
To your bed
To your dreams

Take my life
Take everything
Through those meadows
Of heaven
Where we ran forevermore
I wish, oh, how I wish again
With you. Oh, to be with you

So lay me down
Close to you
Hold me now my lover
I kiss your tears
My sweet one
And kiss again, my love

Aaron - Vocals
Andrew - Guitar
Ade - Bass
Shaun - Drums
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