28 May 17 - 12:39
vozgoth: Burnt...que something

vozgoth: tesseract knows whats up 

vozgoth: mmmmm.....nice!

Burnt: ..and I cook a thaļ curry

vozgoth: good good! Cheerz and enjoy! WineMartini

Burnt: cheers voz, I drink a white bourgogne atm

vozgoth: Hey Diab 

vozgoth: ^nice boobies tho

vozgoth: comon Posti I know you have theories Laughing

vozgoth: seriously...what determines victory here?

vozgoth: LaughingThe "anola gay" of BM

vozgoth: LaughingIs there some kind of Manhattan Project of 3 hr. tracks being designed?

Burnt: *buy

Burnt: I was used to by 5 euros bottles few years ago, atm I don t have a look under 10 to get something good

vozgoth: may I ask....what determines a clear "winner" in this "war" anyway???