24 Sep 17 - 15:18
prerushit: evening Arch..want song?

Archangel_: good evening all

ARny: juice vs kenny was a hell of a match

ARny: was watching 'rasslin Shy

prerushit: YesYesYes

METALRAM: Any sports watchin' and Cheers! sippin' today Platinum A?


METALRAM: asap Cheers!

ARny: ram http://death.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=B004DKSOJC&songID=76844 thanks Big grin

METALRAM: song anyone? link______


dixi: YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

dixi: I heard Jon Huber is looking to form a new band m/

valar_morghulis: Yes^

valar_morghulis: Laughing