29 May 20 - 10:24
RAM: Cool

SeclusionSolution: i tried all

SeclusionSolution: now yes

RAM: will u be able to sleep tonite seso Laughing

SeclusionSolution: YesYesYes

RAM: YesYesYesYes

RAM: codeline not codeine

RAM: oxy?

RAM: ma always said "your a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. now go wash your filthy hands for dinner"

SeclusionSolution: while last post shows at least the codeline

SeclusionSolution: but strange thing is your post above has nothing beneath it

Kreatoren: Metalmatze777 I drew attention to this Russian group, it is black metal with the sound of an accordion, listen from 4:52 minutes .....https://youtu.be/_4c4fLplXcQ

SeclusionSolution: don't worry

Kreatoren: Metalmatze777

RAM: don't get married then Laughing