20 Jun 24 - 12:19
Metalmatze777: Hello Snowjaer, good evening! SmileBeer

Metalmatze777: YesYesYesYesCoolBeer

Bad_Taste: YesYesYesYes

Metalmatze777: LaughingLaughingLaughingSmilegrin

Katahl: YesYesYes

Bad_Taste: Jesse James Laughing

Katahl: oh ok Laughing

Bad_Taste: my nickname for Tesse

Katahl: who's Jesse?

Katahl: Ed m/

Metalmatze777: And NOW Football-EM, Danmark vs. England. Cool

Bad_Taste: hello Hatakl, Chapp, Jesse Beer

Bad_Taste: Hero

Katahl: YesYesYes

Metalmatze777: Yes guys, I totally agree, BLOOD RED THRONE one of the greatest bands on earth, in my top 5, in direct contact WhatsApp, what more could I wish for? CoolBeer