21 Sep 23 - 12:30
vozgoth: ahh okay thanks

Metalmatze777: Bbl. Don't spoil the shit...

SeclusionSolution: like hot salami type

vozgoth: ahh...kinda sounds good tho

Sabequt: haven't given lunch any thought yet.

Metalmatze777: Spanish sausage, quite spicy...

Metalmatze777: LaughingLaughingLaughing Nope, just add enough rice.

vozgoth: don't know what chorizo is either

vozgoth: Laughingright

SeclusionSolution: could nuke your stomach

vozgoth: Laughingindeed

Sabequt: life can be cruel

vozgoth: greatSad Thanks Sabe

Sabequt: good chance

Burnt: YesYesYes