22 Jul 18 - 20:09
ARny: ^where's jack black at

ARny: YesYesYes

ARny: YesYes

valar_morghulis: YesYes

ARny: don't die m/

valar_morghulis: later anguli m/

Angulimala_999: time for shower, peace 

ARny: ^beginning sounded like something outta doom Yes

ARny: cypress IV from the window of my room, one of my favs Big grin

Angulimala_999: Cool

ARny: ^simple math, that ain't the truth

Angulimala_999: insane, got no brain!

valar_morghulis: sen dog Cool cypress hill representin

ARny: YesYesYes

Angulimala_999: https://youtu.be/IjNcZskDvME