20 Sep 19 - 17:27
SLADE666: Laughing

SeclusionSolution: YesYes

RAM: 20 Sep 19 - 04:52:20 > zagas: why don't we ever have a POTATO theme for requests? however you want to interpret: narcissistic behavior, stupidness, faggotry, being a fucking clown, fake friendliness, brainless flattering, low self-esteem, etc,  

RAM: facesitting champ '85 YesYes

RAM: Laughing

SLADE666: LaughingRAM, classic

Bad_Taste: YesYes^

RAM: https://youtu.be/Ojm_eRjINrI?t=43

SLADE666: I have smelled that stuff.. it is bad

krazyormus: Etat Libre d'Orange Sécrétions Magnifiques Laughing

SLADE666: vanished

SLADE666: yeah RAM, that Opeth album has venishedLaughing

RAM: "i can hold my breath, a looong time"

SLADE666: smell like blood and semen? come here bitch

SLADE666: Laughing