04 Mar 24 - 20:39
lawless: Big grin

lawless: Free advertising for a free gif: https://i.gifer.com/5PmD.gif

lawless: loud.agrssive.fast.

lawless: ^heavy.metal.^

lawless: YesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Metalmatze777: GOROD, unmatched... SmileBeer

Metalmatze777: YesYesYesYes SmileBeer

lawless: https://media.tenor.com/VG9YfpC7_mMAAAAd/talking-to-the-wall.gif

Metalmatze777: It is DFM site, so what can one expect... Smilegrin

Metalmatze777: Sorry SLADE, but fuck that, it is a ridiculous post. But hey, SOME may have found it funny, so what... Smilegrin

lawless: Laughing

SLADE666: I love the Fabio I posted, thought everyone didSad

Metalmatze777: SmileBeer

Metalmatze777: Laughing Sendt... Smilegrin What a stupid post, I thought you were clever and smart... My error... Sigh

Sendtfeil: Rolling eyesRolling eyes