23 Mar 23 - 07:59
baahl: I am good, can almost payday and there is a possible gig the weekend close by, so VERY hopeful to go.

Metalmatze777: @ baahl: Sure, I am fine, a bit busy though... And you?

baahl: Can't find this song anywhere besides here, m/

Diabolical: YesYesYesYes

Diabolical: hey Jordi Smile thank you my friend for the song 

Diabolical: http://death.fm/modules.php?name=Req&asin=B072LQ1PS7&songID=119357

baahl: Matthias, been a while. Smilegrin you been good?

baahl: Superb playlist *

baahl: Superb st thus far today, office has been complaining so much, yet I've been smiling all round! SmilegrinSmilegrinSmilegrin

Metalmatze777: Hi baahl! CoolHotcup

Diabolical: YesYesYesYes

baahl: Hell O Diabolical, m/

Diabolical: hi baahl Smile 

Metalmatze777: EDENIAN, what a superb album! CoolHotcup

Diabolical: yo ARny thank 
/Beer Left