04 Jul 22 - 02:48
Bricktop: Laughing

zagas: Kat --> TO BED NOW!!! Upset

Bricktop: Laughing goodnight Kat

Katahl: Kat is going to bed m/

Katahl: Laughing

Bricktop: not "go to bed, Kat!"?

zagas: Kat! 

Katahl: zag, brick m/

zagas: hail Brick!

Bricktop: Morn friends!

zagas: hail to all! Hotcup

bLAcKvISIoN: YesYesYesYesYes

SeclusionSolution: Laughingkata

Katahl: when you ask about the next update https://i.redd.it/ddtu90m70e991.gif

Katahl: not mean enough apparently Laughing